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Discount Energies can back its promise on delivering plans that actually reduce your power and gas bills through a unique combination of software, hardware, and algorithms which most effectively collect and utilize your energy data.

Approach - Data

Advanced Data

How do we know our savings will materialize? At our cost, Energy Savings’ installs an advanced meter on your site that measures harmonics, current and voltage in instant increments. Our algorithms then create an advanced profile of your business that can forecast future weather-adjusted energy usage. Even if you own many facilities, one meter in one facility should suffice to create the business’ profile. We use that profile to project our savings initiatives.

Energy Savings meter produces other benefits; remember we don’t replace your utility meter rather our meters keep an eye out for any billings mistakes made by the utility meter and produces usage data to an exceptional detail. Usage is weather adjusted and algorithms work to smooth out the data. That way, accurate savings can be projected in advance – NOT EXCUSED AFTER THE FACT.

Approach - Supply

Competitive Supply

Most of the U.S.A. permits competitive shopping for-either natural gas, power or both. In fact, the trend is for more states to adopt competitive shopping including California electricity (natural gas is permitted there) and Nevada power.

Competitive shopping opens up the wholesale energy market to users. Wholesale markets typically offers lower rates than the utility and an array of pricing options including fixed prices, floating rates or hybrids. As with any market, it’s important to carefully model savings and products to ensure satisfaction: our software and meter does it.

Approach - Audits

Bill Audit

Some states – especially California – rushed into smart metering by forcing utilities to replace regular meters with smart ones. Some of these meters simply didn’t work (what happens when you rush) and/ or were not installed properly. The result is meters that may be dramatically overstating your usage. Our software and meter will find the broken meters and apply for your refund.

Solar Audit

Have you installed solar panels and are not seeing the savings promised, or do you wish to install solar panels but worried that savings won’t materialize? Many solar installers promise savings on peak demand when, in fact, solar may not affect peak demand. Our meter and software can.

Approach - Real Savings

Screaming-Buy Energy Retrofits

You may be bombarded with energy efficiency projects, promised that you’ll save money and the environment. In fact, their definition of savings often isn’t yours. Savings should mean less money than you spent before, but many companies rely on creative definitions that often deceive you. Take avoided future costs that claim in the future you’ll pay X and our project will save you from those (possible) increases. The room for abuse is obvious as they’re free to guesstimate very high future costs.

Our software can point out ONLY projects that actually produce lower costs than what you’ve been paying – and you decide whether to pursue.


Sholom Feigelstock



Sholom founded Discount Energies with the vision of providing customers tremendous savings on their utilities, educating customers, and assisting them with overall efficient utilities management. With more than 20 years of experience, including leadership roles in information systems, equipment utilization, and energy, Sholom oversees a management team which focuses on providing clients huge savings. Sholom’s direction and administration have expanded the company into a leader in the energy service industry. Additionally, Sholom serves on boards of many nonprofit organizations in Los Angeles, guiding them to achieve their goals in servicing the community.

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